Submission Guidelines


Sew Beautiful is a bimonthly magazine that focuses on vintage-inspired sewing for children and celebrates the art of sewing by hand and machine. Technique articles, designs, projects, and pictorials promote and inspire fine sewing at its best. Regular features include fashions mostly for children but also some women’s designs, embroidery by hand and machine, smocking, garment construction, columns from industry experts, antique techniques/reproductions, and a myriad of ideas to spark creativity. Sew Beautiful is an exciting, colorful magazine produced by experts in several fields for intermediate and expert sewers. Each issue contains at least one full-sized pattern.


We look for articles that teach a new technique; inspire the reader to take on a new project; inform readers about current trends in sewing, patterns, and design; demonstrate a great way to use a new product; or show a new way to use traditional techniques of centuries past.

Our primary focus is sewing for children, especially heirloom. However, we also have a strong interest in the following areas: “non-heirloom” sewing, women’s fashion sewing and design, embroidery (including traditional needle arts and machine embroidery), and elegant projects for home decorating, including some quilting. Sew Beautiful does not normally cover “crafts” such as cross-stitch, crochet, knitting, macramé, etc.


Submissions Procedure

Please E-MAIL your submissions to

Submissions should include the following information:

  1. A brief outline of what you would like to share with our readers (i.e., the focus of the article, be it just an original design, or a complex technique. We have to have more than just a pretty dress; the article must teach or inspire creative ideas to the reader in some way.)
  2. Clear digital images of your project, (preferably tiff or JPG format). Professional photography is NOT required to submit an article idea. You may want to take some “close-up” shots of any special details. Digital images are necessary for our filing/planning system; we receive so many submissions that it would be impossible to remember them all without a visual record.
  3. A complete mailing address and phone number so that we can reach you.
  4. You should receive an email response acknowledging receipt of your submission shortly after we receive it. Please do not contact us once you know we have received your submission. After your project is reviewed, and if selected, we will contact you with further instructions.
  5. DO NOT send garments to our offices unless we request you do so. The initial screening procedure is via email submission.
  6. If we request you send your garment/project for further consideration, it is not a guarantee of publication. Often we need to see actual sewing detail, fit and construction and fabric quality before making a final decision.
  7. Please DO NOT phone in your submissions.

Sew Beautiful editors evaluate submissions throughout the year; however, publication of any project can take many months, and occasionally longer than a year due to the theme of our issues and time of year in which we received your submission.


At the time your article is assigned, you will be emailed a form letter and writer’s guidelines detailing what is expected of you for that particular assignment, the date the assignment is due, sample articles demonstrating our format, general information, etc.

IMPORTANT: We may ask that you contribute constructed step-outs or step-out photography of the sewing process or technique that you are writing about. Often step-outs provide a better teaching tool than verbiage. Authors may take their own step-out photography during the construction process. In this case, we will provide photography guidelines to aide you in this process. If you would prefer to stitch out a sample of each step, that is also a possibility and will be determined upon acceptance of your article.

Once your garment/project is submitted we do our utmost to have it photographed and returned to you in a reasonable manner. Rarely, we request to hold your item for up to nine months to aid in the editing process for a particular issue.


We do everything in our power to print articles as they are scheduled, but unforeseen circumstances or problems can arise. Therefore, we do not guarantee publication of any article.


Payment ranges from $50 – $400 depending upon the complexity of the article and the accuracy and completeness of information (complexity, clarity, completeness of instructions, fabric sources, verifiable pattern names and numbers, floss colors, etc.). Payment for articles is normally rendered upon publication unless alternate arrangements are made. Written articles must be submitted before photography is approved. Sew Beautiful may decrease payment or refuse to publish if the article is late, information is missing, or if the article is of poor quality. (Obviously, some editing and rewording will be required for all articles; however, if we find it necessary to spend an excessive amount of time rewriting and gathering missing or inaccurate information, your payment will likely be decreased.)


Deadlines will be discussed and determined by the editor. It is possible to obtain a deadline extension. If you think that your article is going to be late, call the editorial office to discuss an extension.


Sew Beautiful requires that a contract be signed before any article is published. This contract guarantees that Sew Beautiful/Martha Pullen Company/ F+W Media has rights and permission to publish your article. Copyright to the project and design is maintained by the designer unless an agreement states otherwise. Copyright to the article about the project or design is maintained by F+W media. The contract also declares that the project is your original work and that you own all rights to it and holds you responsible for it’s authenticity. This contract also states that articles submitted to and scheduled by Sew Beautiful will not appear in another publication until at least one year after it appears in the pages Sew Beautiful. The contract also gives us the right to edit the article.


While we always accept submissions on any topic, the following is a list of items in which we currently have a particular interest, following the guidelines above. Please send any submissions to

  • Winter Pajamas: Seeking white or similarly neutral-colored pajamas for an heirloom-inspired, crowd-sourced pajamas pictorial in our winter issue. Can be made from any pattern or fabric (December/January 2014).
  • Heirloom Baby Items such as diaper shirts, tooth fairy pillows, bibs, boonets, booties and other gifts (Spring 2014).
  • Slips, Bloomers and Undergarments with unique treatments for our RED, WHITE AND BLUE issue (Summer 2014).
  • Summer Heirloom garments and projects for our RED, WHITE AND BLUE issue (Summer 2014).
  • Summer Casual garments and projects such as baby bubbles, sundresses, boys outfits and more for our RED, WHITE AND BLUE issue (Summer 2014).
  • Wedding Projects and Accessories with noteworthy techniques or embellishments (Fall 2014).
  • Bags such as purses, totes or clutches (Fall 2014).
  • Heirloom Thanksgiving garments and projects (Fall 2014).
  • Beautiful Sewing Rooms and Organizational Ideas (any issue)
  • Sewing accessories, handmade sewing baskets, needle books and related items (any issue).
  • Sewing tips and tricks (any issue).
  • Projects made from previous issues of Australian Smocking & Embroidery Magazine (any issue).
  • Design Pictorials: Each issue features a pictorial spread of beautiful garments that offer innovative and interesting new ideas for design and embellishment. This is a great spot to promote a pattern company, a fabric shop or a smocking and embroidery business. These features are generally unpaid and photographed up to  year in advance. We currently have an interest in pictorial features for 2014 including: WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER (red, white and blue), FALL and HOLIDAY. Contact the editor at for information on how to participate.

Sew Beautiful works with several talented sewists on a commission basis to help bring our vision for new patterns, vintage remakes and other techniques to life. Are you interested in joining our team of commissioned designers? Contact the editor with examples of your work at for information on how to participate.